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Remote Support System (RSS)

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"The tiny client download size is perfectly suited for even slow dialup connections."

"Reboot the remote PC into Safemode with reconnection before login screen, for those stubborn spyware programs."

"You can supply multiple technician support from a single .exe file."

"Has a toolbox feature that you can load with your own anti-virus and spyware removal tools, all of which can be run on the remote PC with a single click."

"Keeps track of session time and auto-generates an invoice which is emailed to the technician (and client, if desired) upon completion."

100% CLEAN award granted by Softpedia

Rated 4 stars at Softonic

Rated 4 stars at SnapFiles

Rated 5 cups at Five Cups

Rated 5 stars at Sofotex


Rated 5 out of 5 at SoftForAll
Welcome to RSS: The Future of Tech Support!
With No Monthly Fees!

Remote Control any PC on the web, even through firewalls! 
You can even reboot the remote PC into SAFEMODE !

Remote Support System lets you support your customers even if they are behind firewalls and routers.    With RSS you can transfer files, chat, re-boot & auto-reconnect and remotely control their PC in real-time without pre-installing software or any network changes on their side. You can even reboot the remote computer into "Safe Mode".
Remote Support With RSS
Is Easy As 1-2-3
  • The customer clicks a link on your own website ( or run it from an email attachment, from disk, or one of many other possible scenarios )

  • The customer selects "Run"

    A single .exe file is hosted on your website.  When the customer clicks the file, they will choose "Run" which will begin the Remote Support Session.

  • The 289k remote control helpdesk software runs from </i>your</i> Website, Email, hard drive, network share, Floppy Disk, CDROM, USB drive or removable media.
  • The customer picks a technician

    Remote Support can allow a single .exe file to connect to multiple technicians or locations.  The user must simply choose the desired tech.  Simple as a value meal.

  • The 298k remote control helpdesk software runs from a Website, Email, hard drive, network share, Floppy Disk, CDROM, USB drive or removable media.

    Connected! - With RSS you can support anyone in the world from anywhere on the net!


    Remote Support System is the solution you've been looking for . . .

    • No 3rd Party support provider requiring monthly fees ! 

    • Remote control of any PC on the internet no matter how many firewalls they may be behind ! 

    • View the remote desktop in a resizable window on your screen and operate the remote computer almost like being there in person. Control the remote mouse and keyboard, share files, chat, log off, log on, re-boot, run / install / un-install programs, printers, device drivers and configure their hardware or system settings, even reboot into "Safemode" all without losing your connection.  

    • Unlike other programs out there, you may reconfigure your client.exe file to support ANY NUMBER of destination addresses, all for a one time purchase.

    Purchase Remote Support System!

    Unlike many other products that are available, Remote Support System has NO PER SEAT licensing fees. This is a very important distinction to make. Most other programs available today will charge by technicians, or by clients. Then they compile your support clients for you. With Remote Support System you are in full control. Change any options, as often as you would like. You buy it, you own everything you need. By registering, you enable your company to support an unlimited number of clients, and an unlimited number of support technicians. The are no monthly subscription fees, and no 3rd parties between you and your customers. The purchase price is based on your company size as determined by the number of employees.

    All registration information is confirmed for accuracy by Dunn & Bradstreet or other business analysis firms.

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